Oktopus – Worlds Apart (2016)

1. Discord (Approach)
2. Eyes Open
3. Worlds Apart
4. The Adventures of Jerry Troutmonto (part 1)
5. 春 | Haru
6. The Hand On Your Shoulder
7. Discord (Descent)
8. Minotaur
All music by Alistair Bell, Samuel C. Roberts and Tim Wilson. Tracks 2 and 8, words by Samuel C. Roberts. Tracks 3 and 6, words by Tim Wilson.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Aubitt Studios, Southampton, England during February and March 2016.
Produced and engineered by Joe Lewis-Brown and Oktopus. Mixed by Joe Lewis-Brown and Rob Aubrey.
Cover artwork by David Walker. Logos, branding and CD design by John Williamson.
released April 1, 2016
Alistair Bell – guitars, lead vocals and backing vocals
Samuel C. Roberts – bass guitar
Tim Wilson – drums, pads and backing vocals (lead vocals on track 6)