“As we had to fit three bands in, Oktopus were up first and took to the stage at 7.00pm. With new album “Worlds Apart” is available from Friday 1st April (and on sale at the merch desk guys – review to follow, watch this space), the lads were obviously very keen to promote it. As this is their debut album and the first without original lead vocalist Jane Gillard, their previous EP “Transcendence” has been widely acclaimed, so it was interesting to see if the music on the new album lived up to expectations and I think it’s safe to say, the lads did NOT disappoint, despite it being a short set !! This is a very well-oiled machine – Bass, Lead and Drums, all firing at full capacity. For such a young band there is a great deal of experience, skill and enthusiasm on show and although critics of their music have commented that there’s simply “too many notes” (as if !!), the music is hyper, hard and heavy with so much going on, but to the uninitiated, it might sound like a wall of sound – listen closer and there’s a lot of very clever stuff going on under the surface. Fretless six string bass pounds away in the background, courtesy of James Corden look-alike Samuel C. Roberts, driving the music along like a fucking diesel locomotive with soaring guitar overlaid and vocal from Alistair Bell and solid drum sound via Tim Wilson, these guys can play and then some. Watching them on stage, there’s a nod here a wink there and an almost unspoken synchronicity between them. Totally into the music, even if you didn’t like the music, you can’t deny the energy they exude. Elements of Jazz, Hard Rock and more time signature changes than you can shake a fist at, having been listening to the album all week, I can guarantee you will NOT be disappointed, definitely a band to keep an eye on. Keep checking the MM website for full album review very shortly….”

Link to review: http://www.midlandsmetalheads.com/oktopus-dave-kerzner-band-and-district-97-the-robin-28th-march-2016/